Language Collaborations’ courses are structured into three levels.

Logo_-_Icon[1]Business English 1- Beginning English

Business English 1 employees are limited in their communication skills. They may not be able to communicate effectively without a translator.

Logo_-_Icon[1]Business English 2-Intermediate English

Business English 2 employees may be able to respond to basic commands but are unable to communicate easily with native speakers.

Logo_-_Icon[1]Business English 3- Advanced English

Business English 3 employees are able to communicate with native speakers; however, they need to enhance their skills to be promoted in their field. Furthering language skills can lead to working with customers and those outside of the company.

Language Collaborations can also provide the following services:

Logo_-_Icon[1] Company-specific on-board training to new employees with limited English proficiency.

Logo_-_Icon[1] General on-board English training for temp agencies.



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