Do you speak the employees’ first languages during ESL class?

No, English is the only language spoken during ESL class. There is no translation during this time; therefore, any information they learn can then be spoken to their co-workers, managers, and supervisors after class has finished.

What can I expect my employees to learn during an ESL course?

Before starting ESL courses, a business should determine the skills they believe are the most important for their employees to master. It is important to be as specific as possible. A good rule of thumb is five objectives per 12 hours (a typical 12 week course).

Does it matter if my employees speak different languages?

No, the best ESL classes are the most diverse. It is better this way because students are not translating for each other. The only thing that matters in an ESL classroom is that students are grouped according to their proficiency level.

How will I know that my employees met their objectives?

Language Collaborations will give a pre-test to employees at the beginning of their course. At the end of the course, they will be evaluated on the objectives that were taught. Management will then be given the results of the evaluation.

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