We offer a range of services to help you employ English language learners within your organization. From recruiting, hiring, retaining and promoting, we can provide the services needed to overcome the language barrier.

English as a Second Language for Businesses

Language Collaborations and businesses work together to create goals and objectives for their employees. All classes are spoken exclusively in English no matter the employees’ English proficiency. The best ESL classes have the most diversity! No matter the employee’s first language, they can participate in any of our custom-made courses.


Language Collaboration provides translation services in 286 different languages. Translation can be provided for company documents or in-person. No matter your need, big or small, we can work together to provide accurate translations to give your employees the information they need.

Effective Communication Training

Do you provide a service that you frequently interact with English language learners? Have you been unsuccessful in trying to communicate? Language Collaborations can provide group or one-on-one trainings that can help create or simplify documents to make the communication much smoother. In addition, we provide tips and tricks for effective verbal communication without the need for translation.

Let’s start working together.

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